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Dale M. Herder has lectured and consulted in the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Georgia, Germany, England, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada. He served as an enlisted man and commissioned officer at sea in the U.S. Navy, and he is a former Fulbright Fellow in West Germany. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in History, and a Ph.D. Degree in English/American Studies as a student of Professor Russel B. Nye at Michigan State University. His articles, essays, and book chapters appear in a variety of academic and popular publications. After nearly forty years as a high school principal, English professor, and academic vice president, he continues to teach college writing via the Internet.

Dale Herder
The author aboard his sloop, Elizabeth, in front of the twin towers of the Word Trade Center in 1992, one year before the first terrorist attack on the Center. He and his wife, Diane, sailed to New York City from Chalevoix, Michigan on their way to Annapolis, Maryland.