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Dedicated to Todd Beamer and the other brave men and women who fought back against the terrorists who had hijacked their flight, United 93, on September 11, 2001.

We have just begun to appreciate the wisdom, decisiveness, and courage of Todd Beamer, his fellow passengers, and their flight crew.

May we all be as wise, decisive, and courageous in the current crisis.


Why did Islamic fanatics attack the U.S. on September 11, 2001? What should we learn from 9/11? Are we ready for the inevitable next attack?

Common Sense Rediscovered is patterned on Thomas Paine’s irreverent little pamphlet, Common Sense, which was published in 1776. It is an attempt to REDISCOVER Paine’s simple logic about human freedom in our new time of crisis.

Like Paine’s essay, this brief analysis is not politically correct. It argues that Islamic fanatics missed the greatest legacy of the European Enlightenment: FREE THOUGHT. As a consequence, some Muslim leaders have twisted their religion in order to retain their power and cope with their jealousy, anger, and fear of their own cultural and economic backwardness in the modern world.

After asserting that American ideals still are the best hope for mankind, Common Sense Rediscovered asks tough questions about America’s perceived arrogance and diminished status as a global role model. Ten blunt lessons foreshadow a chilling, heroic, and real concluding scenario that asks each of us the same question posed by Thomas Paine in 1776: Are we willing to act now, or will we remain seated while malevolent forces decide our fate?


Herder’s message is loud and clear. It is about common sense re-established and lived. The book and the message should be a part of every American’s reading at breakfast.
Professor Ray B. Browne, Bowling Green State University

In the tradition of the founding fathers, Dr. Herder has written a powerful history and civics lesson which should be required reading in all of our educational institutions. While one may not agree with all of Dr. Herder’s lessons learned from the terrorist attack on America, the issues he raises are critical ones to address in our ongoing democratic debate. 
Robert M. LaFollette, Lawyer and Psychologist

Here is America at its best-an unbiased and brilliantly written book on how the United States should “react by acting” after the 9/11 terrorist attack. This book is a must–not only for Americans, but equally for those Europeans who are not yet convinced that America is the sole source of evil in this world.
Professor-Dr. Wolfgang Blumbach
, Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft, Saarbruecken, Germany

With the U.S.A. playing such a dominant international role, it is important for every one of us, and especially non-Americans, to understand what this complex and controversial superpower really is trying to do. Dale Herder’s contribution to our search for answers is timely, strategic, and crucial. It is compelling reading, and it invites essential debate.
Dr. John Hinchcliff
, President, Auckland Technical University,
New Zealand

Common Sense Rediscovered


This is a sequel to Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, Common Sense, which was published in 1776.

The purpose of this treatise is to tell the truth and prompt thought after the Islamic terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. The author is unfettered by debt to any political, social, economic, or religious organization, and he does not advocate the ideology of any such group.

The conclusion to this book calls for action by the reader, and the ten lessons in Chapter III suggest what action is needed if liberty is to be secured for mankind.



Chapter I

Thomas Paine and COMMON SENSE in 1776 and 2001

Chapter II

Understanding the Terrorists and the 9/11 Attack

Chapter III

Ten Lessons That Can Lead to Action

Lesson 1 America’s Ideals and Morality ARE America
Lesson 2 No Sleeping On Watch
Lesson 3 We Will Have to Absorb Future Hits
Lesson 4 We Must Decide Whether Oil and Israel Are Enough to Keep Us in the Middle East
Lesson 5 Fix the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
Lesson 6 Citizens Must Continue to Tell It Like It Is
Lesson 7 Three Things Are Needed to Treat the New Global Cancer: Power, Morality, and Allies
Lesson 8 Keep Our Press Free
Lesson 9 Invite and Expect American Muslims to Assimilate
Lesson 10 The United States Must Earn (Not Assume As A Right) Its Leadership Position in the World


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